Seasonal Information

It's time to schedule your annual well inspection!

 The National Ground Water Association recommends routine annual maintenance checks to ensure the proper operation of the well and prolong its years of service, as well as monitor the water quality.  Our well inspections are performed by a licensed SC well driller and include:

o Inspection of well to insure that well seal is intact and that it meets DHEC standards

o Water Testing to include Hardness, Iron, pH, Manganese, Sulfur, & Total Dissolved Solids

o Inspection of well equipment to include the performance of the pump and motor from the surface checking amp load, grounding, and line voltage, air pressure in tank, and pressure switch contact.

o Well Chlorination

o A short flow test  can also be performed upon request to determine the amount of water the well is producing and well recovery rate if possible.

If you notice any changes in water quality, a bacteria test should be performed checking for total coliform and ecoli.  We have a list of local labs that offer this service should you feel that your water needs testing.





*Video Courtesy of the NGWA*